Memories Studio is a team of photographers and cinematographers with various unique skills that can bring your event come alive in our photographs and videos.  Our philosophy when it comes to weddings is to capture memories of our clients with a bit of style.  We believe in being candid and try to capture things from perspectives that will give you a lot to look forward.  Our talented team lead photographers and cinematographers are award winning and have been shooting for over 8+ years each.  Our associate photographers who accompany our leads have been shooting 2-4 years and specially trained by our leads to compliment and preserve our vision and style.

For us it isn’t just able capturing moments, but our superior editing for photographs and videos have been a buzz amongst top vendors and even other photography companies.  If you are truly looking for a unique experience, but an even more unique style, then you wouldn’t be wrong in choosing us for your event.  Our Leads take pride in personally editing the images taken at our events.  They are immensely involved in creating master piece photographs and video highlights.  Mainly because they know how each event was, know who the main family members, and knows the bride and groom’s taste.

Photographers know how to capture, but artists know how to edit the photographs or videos to perfection.  Our past clients will attest to their experiences and their love of the memories we captured for them to cherish for the rest of their lives.  Our clients are smart, because they notice the value in our work and the experience in taking photographs and video isn’t something just any company or individuals can do.  They know it takes talent and experience.

*** This year we are implementing another feature to our website.  We love taking care of our clients, so we are introducing a special place to see exactly what processes we are taking to finish their project.  We will send you a special link to show you exactly how far and what part of the process the project is in our editing process.  There will be a link for Photography and Cinematography, since both will progress differently each will have their own separate link.  Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you.  You can leave comments right on the page for us to look into or email/call us directly.***