Sneha & Ronak – Destination Engagement Session – Puerto Rico


We spent few weeks trying to find the perfect location for Sneha & Ronak’s Destination Engagement Session.  After recently having been to the canyons we wanted to follow up with another very unique location with the same level of excitement.  What better way than to head down to the islands in the caribbean and photograph on a 17th century fortress.  Castillo San Felipe del Morro fortress is located on the edge of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We spent a few days in Puerto Rico and then ended up spending an extra day in Miami on the way back because of a snow storm in Philadelphia.  Yet while we were there we were able to go into a caribbean jungle and a bat cave.  Climbing and crawling through thick foliage, which lead to an opening in the side of a cliff… The Window Cave, a natural opening for the hundreds of fruit bats that use it to go in and out of each night to feed.

After our exhausting hike in the jungle and caves we headed right into the heart of San Juan to meet up with our guide for the Castillo San Felipe del Morro fortress.  Julia, thank you for all your help (Julia is the person you’d want to contact for any permits to photograph at San Felipe del Morro for all our photographer friends).  We spent two days shooting at this fortress which is just so massive to be able to tackle all in few hours.  Lots of walking and stairs with 5 different levels of unique areas for incredible photographs.  Heck, if you go to San Juan and don’t go to just visit the fortress then you missed jewel of the island.  If you go to visit, be sure to get a kite and pack a picnic.  They have large open area for you to spend the late afternoon and watch the sunset right outside the fortress, which also walking distance from local shops and restaurants.

We want to congratulate our brave adventurous couple for making it easy to plan and execute this wonderful engagement session.  We can’t wait for your wedding just few weeks away…. 🙂


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